~J~E~N~ (tengupriestess) wrote in dumb_posts,

Spare the "Get Well" Card...

.sickkk day two.
being sick sucks i hate it cuz last time i remembered i was sick like 3 weeks ago jeez so much being sick. but anyway today was ok if i wasnt sick. some of my grade went to this college fair at the riverside convention center place. it was okay. we took kewl pens :) oh and me and shayna saw this girl from myspace (myspace :() there that we always see everywhere or at least she does ive seen her like twice and we just looked at each other like wow this girl is everywhere cuz she is yeah oh and we also seen a pair of lesbians and a pregnant girl..interesting. then in gym which is my favorite class of course we played pickle ball it was stupid i got hit in the head like 5 times with the ball its so dangerous and so me and shayna hid in the corner to avoid the flying whiffle balls..and chris was being a jerk..faggot. uhm then the rest of the day was dumb besides kelly came home from natural helpers i was happy and she told me how awsomely amazing it was and i wanna go but i wont cuz i wont get voted..BOOO so vote for me next year okay? but now im home sick and tired and bored so it sucks yeah ill probly take a nap cuz im that kewl. right. right.

If this poor brat can't finish a thought while in good health, it's probably time to legalize euthanasia(sp?)

BTW, I think the idea is to catch the ball with your HANDS, not your HEAD.
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