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Here's a doozy...

I already knew this girl was not quite right, but this post in particular is worthy of sharing... poor guy's name edited for anonymity

B*** was my best friend online, now b*** is my..nemesis lol
B*** and I had a dispute too which he said he never ever had googly feelings for me. This shouldn't have hurt myf eelings or my pride, but I distinctly remember him saying otherwise, but he will not admit too it. I read into it too much he said.
Then in personal attack in email arguements, I am wrong about him, I am around about his past lives, I am wrong about how he felt. And My images are too blurry too tell if I am HOT or not, what am I trying too cover up? My myspace pictures look fine too me. My digital camera isn't the best in the world but I thought they looked very good, myself included. As judging by the honks, yells and woohoos! outside on the highway or when I am walking somehwere or the fact I got postioned for prostitution one day about two months ago I would say I am not UGLY.
I turnt the man down of course. I am worth more than 10 dollars. *giggles* and he was quite old, and I am not in too old men.

Why does it matter if I am hot or not too him? He has a wifey why would he care if I am hot or not? But thats never stopped B*** before. Ever summer he's gone too the badlands too do the dino dig with family he's cheated on his wifey (except for this year he just fell in love with one) and the second year he just found a girl too bloodlet with. I have a letter in which he almost caused an orgy...but stopped it in the nic of time.

Once upon a time I liked B*** and told him so. I wonder what I saw him him now.

But ever since he's tried too make me feel like shit on a shoe because I am mad at him. damn right I am mad at him. I don't want a friend who hurts my feelings constantly and yes when I am mad i fire right back too. I do say hurtful things but in his defense he says "good friends" criticize. So its ok for him too say hurtful things, but its not ok for me too?

I am beginning too think if he feels insuperior and inferior too a stronger woman than himself; he treats her like shit. B*** doesn't like it when women make up their minds that they have had it with him.

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