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On Friday, I skipped my morning class because it's just too early for me to get up. Then Becky and I had breakfast and then we were off to our oh so lovely math class. Joy!?

But after class, i napped for a lil and then around 3ish becky and I helped val drag her laundry to the laundry room. haha...random laughing in the elevator with random ppl looking at us. that's what it's all about. but yeah, we ate and then i went back to my room i think...and then later at 6:30, Amanda, Becky, Val, and I went to Totally Takeout. They ran out of the slushie-ness and i only filled it 3/4 full and it made me sad so Becky got me chocolate milk! yay for Becky! We ate and I then had to get going for CCF.

The activity after CCF was going to IM West but since i told becky that i would go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show with her, I went back to my dorm. Oh becky. poor girl wanted to dress up so bad but didn't have the clothing. So we went with Amanda and her friend from back home. It was fun. It was an audience participation thing so we got to throw rice and confetti, squirt waterguns, and toss around whole rolls of toilet paper! lol. awesome! it put me in the mood to teepee something.

Saturday, lunch with Becky. And then at 1:30ish, Sig came to pick some of us up to meet everyone else from CCF that was going apple picking. Apple picking was two words: FUN and WINDY! after that, we went back to bonnie's house to make apple pie and caramel apples and then we also had dinner there too. Oh, so so so GOOD! feel so bloated. Got back to my room at about 9pm i guess and just collapsed on the couch unable to move!! so bad.

Sunday, I woke up quite early to get ready for church. Maybe too early. oh well, i was awake physically. It was freezing outside as I waited for stuart to come pick me up. We had Sunday School first and there werent that many of us there and then Alli and I were in the nursery during the worship service. It was okay. lol. we didnt know if one of the kids had a diaper on so we tried asking him if he had one on..no response. so we asked him if he knew what a diaper was...no response. Then there was a little baby girl there too, Mariah. So cute. She kept putting everything in her mouth because she was teething. But all in all, it was okay. Afterwards, Stuart, Amanda, Zadok, a few ppl from church, and I went to Fazolis to eat.

Marie then came at around 4 i guess. She brought me a coat and blankets. lol. and she also brought along Ming, Dan, and some other person i didn't meet before. We hit up 4 asian stores in search of sushi making stuff i guess because the CMU area has no asian stores. So we literally drove to Grand River then back down to 2 stores on trowbridge and then another store back up on Grand River. and then we went to Hubbard and my cousin Lily was sitting in her car for an hour waiting for my other cousin Jack. We all tried calling him and he was not answering at all. so all 6 of us went up to his room and no one was there and then we went to his friends dorm and no one was there. that bum. so we just left without him to eat dinner...lol..back on trowbridge. we went to Korea house. and like, 5 minutes after we got there, Jack calls. Lily goes to pick him up and so we all order and we order for lily and jack too. Whatever possesed me to eat my OWN FULL meal and plus 6 CALIFORNIA rolls all by myself, i dont know. But I ate it all!! and Miso soup too. omigosh. that might have been the most I have even eaten in one sitting. All of you know that I can never eat that much. my stomach hurt so much after that.

But, we went to Bubble Island afterwards. and we were there for like 2 or 3 hours i think just playing Chinese poker. For the most part, all the wins were kept in the family. ming won once and the other dude won once. Lily, Jack, and I won the rest and .... lol ... marie was the only one in the family that didnt win. And then dan didnt win either.

So what I mostly learned last night: CMU's ACO eats more than MSU's CCF.

Marie and I also realized that stupidity really runs in the family. lmao. Marie ordered something really spicy and at one point she asked me if she was as red as a christmas tree.

We also learned that Marie is very pretty--according to her fortune cookie.

Ming and Dan learned that the Tam sisters are very abusive...esp. toward each other.

What we did NOT learn was what the yellowish/greenish jellyish thing was that was in the red bean ice cream.

AND...another memorable conversation between the tam sisters. this was when we got back to my dorm and marie and i were gettin the food for me and we were about to say bye to each other:

ME: are you sure that you dont wanna go home next week?
MARIE: i can't. I have chinese class sunday and apple orchard saturday
ME: okay. i feel bloated
MARIE: you have dorm food
ME: huh
MARIE: you're gonna survive, you have dorm food
ME: what are you talkign about?
MARIE: I thought you were going to go home next weekend
ME: I am. What are you talking about dorm food? I said i felt bloated
MARIE: ohhhhh. i thought you said that you had no food

oh rie...

But yeah. when i got back to my dorm, i learned about the "race" that was going on. the race was whoever would wish genelly a happy birthday first. lmao. oh course i would be in and oh course i would win! So at 11:40pm i put up an away message that said:
"Happy Birthday Genelly!!

and since it is 11:40pm right now, as long as this away message is up at exactly midnight, i AM the first person to wish Genelly a Happy Birthday and I win!! lmao!"

then i called her at 11:50 so I would already be talking to her! lmao. but tony was on the phone too and i told him that i won the online battle because he should check my away msg and i said that i took extra precautions too because i put it in my livejournal also at exactly 12am. then he jocked off me and copied and pasted my away msg into his away msg. that bum. so we decided that we would both wish her a happy birthday at the same time on the phone and that we would both get the point for online and that we would leave the text msg up for grabs. BUT TONY IS SUCH A CHEATER!!! after we both said happy birthday, he hung up and texted her!! so we were still tied because since he jocked off me on the away msg, i got that point. then, we have an ongoing competition of who can say it in different ways. lmao.

so this is for you tony:
My points:
1 pt: phone
1 pt: away msg
1 pt: livejournal at midnight
1 pt: livejournal at 12:59 pm
1 pt: first to comment on her official bday xanga update
1 pt: first to write an entry wishing her a happy bday
1 pt: first to send her a card
1 pt: myspace update
1 pt: to put a pic of her on my away msg!
161 pts: http://www.shabbir.com/romance/bday.html

BEAT THAT! lmao!

and once more: HA

If you made it to the end you are probably, like me, nursing a throbbing headache that sits behind your left eye. Could this girl's life be any more pointless? Jesus.

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