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No, your stupid!!

Okay folks, this is a special one, but I thought it was funny. Based on a post in a community that was deleted for being spammy rather than off topic, the original poster got huffy and was stomping off to create his own community where people could post whatever drivel they wanted. (kinda like here :P ) Anyway, here are some of the funnier comments, with the posters' identities removed.

OP: The Original Poster of the spammy post.
Commenter: One of several people trying to give this guy a clue-by-four upside the head.

OP: if you think what i'm doing is spamming you got issues you dont like it LEAVE!!!!!! your a true MASShole

Commenter: Clever. That would have worked better if the m wasn't capitalized, for future reference.
Oh, and it's spelled you're.

OP: no it's your

Commenter: No, it's "you're."

OP: no it's your and this is (community) related

Commenter: No, it's "you're." You were attempting to write, "You are a true Masshole." When combining the two words, "you" and "are," the apostrophe takes the place of the "a."

OP: sounds like someone needs to go back to grammer school

Classic. He didn't believe them when they corrected his spelling of "grammer" either.
But it gets better! The idiot OP follows one of the commenters to their personal journal, and continues the argument there.

OP: (insert obnoxious but identifying statement; however, he manages to use "it's" correctly)

Commenter: You got a contraction correct! You learned something! Congratulations!

OP: and you need a life buddy

Commenter: I'm not the one going around trolling other users' journals. Methinks you need a life.

OP: me thinks ha talk about proper english

Commenter: Actually, it IS proper English... nice try though.

OP: sure lol
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Oh my, that's enough to make me grit my teeth. Sad thing is, you know the commenter isn't a kid. He's thirty-five, at least.
Oops, I meant the op. :)
29 actually, and yeah, the OP, not the commenter. The OP's age came up later in the conversation. Sad.

It's one thing to make the mistake in the first place, it's quite another to defend it when it's pointed out.