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dumb_posts's Journal

Dumb Posts - The Worst of the Worst
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This community is a place to post the most ignorant, badly spelled, moronic LJ posts that one comes across. You can then either dissect the post yourself, or invite others to rip it apart. The link above is a great place to find some truly awful posts.

There are few rules to start as this is a new community, though more may be added as we go along.

The rules:

1. You cannot identify the account where the post came from. The original posters' identities must not be revealed (tempting as it may be.)

2. Please spell check your entries. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as mocking someone else's spelling when yours is just as bad.

3. Do not use this as a place to simply trash someone because you don't like that person. Trash their post. If the post is sufficiently moronic, the person will be trashed by association.

4. The moderator, truejabber will delete any post deemed to be unworthy or outside of the rules. There may or may not be an explanation as to why a post is deleted depending on my mood.

5. Try to be funny. Really. That's what this is all about. Well, that and feeling superior to others.