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I've noticed that there's been a lull on this community as of late; we aren't as active anymore.  Could that be because there's now a lack of stupidity on the internet???

i finally got to be with dylan yesterday :) we went riding for a while, but it kinda sucked cuz the place he usually rides is all flat and stuff cuz they're making a subdivision or somehting. but it was still fun♥
then we went back to his grandparents and he taught me how to play backgammon and i kicked his buttox :D (of course, he was teaching me so hehad to tell me what to do, but i figured out some of my own moves and i always rolled the dice :D) its kinda complicated, but i'll get it. its really a fun game.
then we hung out some then he had to take me home at like 4:45 cuz of stupid dance. but i really don't understand why nana made me leave so early cuz dance wasn't until like 6. jeezus looeezus..
dance wasnt at all bad yesterday though. i guess she goes easier on the Sr. High cuz we all know what we're doing pretty much most of the time.
but i really miss alot of people. i miss my Emily. I'm gonna miss her when we go to Fayetteville too. Whom shall i room with? I have no one! It won't be the same without our little rave parties in our room and whatnot. And i definately miss my Meghan. And lil Makenzie. I miss everyone! jeez..

But anyways, i gotta go take some picture with livi michael tomas adn jade to put on a t-shirt for my grandpa

What are Wonder Pets?


Mawn I'm so fucking hot it's unbelievable!! I'M DIEING!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! And I keep getting a headache. Stupid sun!! I hate you!!! But you're keeping us alive so y'know it's all good even though I've yelled at you like 10 times this week! ¬¬;

the hours
just saw the movie the hours... that movie is depressing and evryone kills themselves n turns into a lesbian...other than that its a pretty good movie but dont watch it by urself cuz ull probably wanna kill urself or turn into a lesbian lol um todays ok so far if evryting goes as plan im gonna have fun 2day im so happy dat i found the song intro to ghost in the sheel 2nd gig i love dat song its called Rise i mean i dont understan d cuz its latin/russian (i tink) but the parts were she sings in english i love the song revs me up but also puts me in a calm dream state were dont have focus on neting but the words and the sound as the music seeps into my body

my favorite verse(hopefully i heard it right cuz her accent O.O):

save your tears

take a stance

save them for the judgement day

you'll be there

all alone

all you needs withtin yourself

you'll have to rise

man i wish there was a cd of these songs this the only reason i want an i pod but my comp sucks so yea sucksore -.- but id rather have a cd i dont like memory ting dat i feel always screws u over in de end cuz yea my friend like i drop i pod n it lost all my songs n knowing me i drop everyting sooo O.O well i guess dats it for today WEEEEEEEEEE ok im done ~.~

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