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God Bless the Internet

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Now anyone can write anything for everyone to read. Isn't that great? Imagine the possibilities!!

dunno why, but i decided to undelete this journal. just because i can. i think i might have a job. so woo. if not then damn! my bike isnt broken like i had feared. a little later im going to go ride it, because i love my bike.
uhm yeah so why not update this one instead of the other one? uhm in like one minute i have to go downstairs cuz im leaving to go watch the blue angels who i loathe...oh so very much. i finished my final wedding cake. i got a ten. monday i start doughs, my roomates out of town this weekend. i slept most of todaysince im still feeling sick. i should leave now. so yeah.
i graduate and in march and for once im not going to give a flying fuck what other people think of me because thus far everyone has been very off. oh and im off all meds of any kind my liver needs a break, after all the drinking and pills im done with that crap, i do not want my grams' health problems and since i have her geans ive got a good chance of it. im hairs getting long now im letting it grow for once and im dont dyeing it wierd ass colors, anyone want some pink hair dye? ive got a shit load of new movies so that shall occupy my time in between gym and studying.



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