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this one is long...

need to get a badge saying that!
Theres no better way to cure bordem (and spend lots of money!) than going into the city to buy lotsa badges!

I spend a few girly minutes trying to decide what to wear, and trying to figure out wether to wear my black leather jacket or my white fluffy coat. In the end I decide on my white fluffy.

Fleur and I met at Aotea market and make a beeline for the badge stall. Anna picks up her badges, gives me my birthday money for badges and leaves.

Fleur and I wonder around the market for a while looking at all of the purty purty jewelery. We didn't buy anything as everything was quite expensive. After a particularly loud growl from my stomach we head for BK.

Mmmm I love BBQ bacon double cheeseburgers...I don't eat fast food often but I loves it!

Back to the market. We wonder around a bit more, buy some very cinnaminy doughnuts, then go back to the badge stall to buy more badges.

In the end, I bought 13 badges. 9 of them were from the money Anna gave me for badges and the other 4 I bought with my own money.

Then we went home.

And without further ado:


From left to right, top row to bottom:
Your village called. Their idiot is missing.
Your name.
On the other hand...theres more fingers.
GORILLAZ (Yay Fleur found this one, thankys Fleur!)
Can't sleep. The Clowns will eat me. (Haha this is my favourite!)
I hear voices. They don't like you.
You're just jelous that the voices talk to me.
I'd like to help you out...which way did you come in?
Look at me. Look at me. LOOK AT ME!
My Chemical Romance.
Never do anything you wouldn't want to explain to the paramedics.
THERAPY is expensive. BUBBLE WRAP is cheap. YOU CHOOSE.

Sooooo many more I wanted to get. Fleur and I agreed to go back next holidays.

Badges I need to get made:
I like you. I'll kill you last.
I [heart] badges.
Oh noes! Not the natural light!

Another one I wanted to get say 'Give Peas a chance.'

Don't know where I'm going to put them on my bag though, I already have 11 I think on my bag. Might take some of my others off and rotate them from time to time.

YAY, I LOVE BADGES! (Check Fleur's LJ too for her purty badges! ------>
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